An Antique Patriotic Stevengraph inscribed, c1880-1900

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Patriotic Stevensgraph, inscribed "One Flag, One Land, One Heart, One Hand, One Nation Evermore," ht. 7, wd. 3 in. c1880-1900

Dimensions:  7"L x 3"W

Condition:  Some staining and wear

Literature: "Stevengraphs are pictures woven from silk, originally created by Thomas Stevens in the 19th century. They were popular collectable items during the revival of interest in Victoriana in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Thomas Stevens, a local weaver, responded by adapting the Jacquard looms used in Coventry to weave colourful pictures from silk. By 1862, Stevens could produce four different designs and by the late 1880s this had to over 900; they became known as "Stevengraphs", after their maker. Many of these designs were used to produce bookmarks, while others were used to make greeting cards and other silk objects..."

Source:  Wikipedia