An Antique Caneware polychrome enamel decorated miniature jug c1810-1820
An English Caneware Enamel Decorated Jug C1810-1820

An Antique English Caneware jug, c1810-1820 SOLD

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An Antique English Caneware jug enamel decorated with Chinese flowers, c1810-1820

Dimensions:  2"H x 2"W at its widest point

Condition:  No restoration  SOLD

Literature:  "The development of a reliable cane body, less vulnerable to staining and cracking in firing, enabled Wedgwood greatly to increase the range of objects produced.  From about 1810 the encaustic-painted style was superseded, as it was on black basaltes, by Chinese Flowers (Plate 784, page 478, and the more English style of painted flowers and foliage appeared about 1815.  At about the same period, cane teawares were produced in plain, moulded and engine-turned shapes..." "Wedgwood II" by Robin Reilly

We are not attributing this pint sized little caneware jug to Wedgwood but rather wanted to show that the style of painting went in this direction from about 1810 on.  This delightful little piece is not marked and could have been made by any of a number of enamelers or potters.