A Pair of Antique English Black and White Victorian Staffordshire Disraeli Spaniels with blue eyes and separate legs, c1860
A Rare Pr. Of Blue-Eyed English Disraeli Spaniels With Separate Legs C1860 Post 1840 Staffordshire

A Rare Pr. of Antique Blue-eyed English Victorian Staffordshire Disraeli Spaniels with separate legs, c1860

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A Rare Pr. of Antique English Victorian Staffordshire Black and White Disraeli Spaniels with separate legs having a tight set of curls both front and back and blue eyes,  c1860

Dimensions:  9"H

Condition:  No restoration

Literature:  Prime Minister Disraeli was a favorite of Queen Victoria's and because of this potters paid "homage" to him by making these rare spaniels and copying his famous hairstyle--tight front curls.  This pair has these curls both in front and in back. 

"The majority of these spaniels were decorated in black and white.  Disraeli Spaniels are especially distinctive but they also among the most difficult to find. "Resource:  Staffordshire Spaniels" by Adele Kenny

What makes this particular pair even rarer is the set of blue eyes.  They are decorated "in the round" are are not flat backs; as you can see from the pictures they are molded all the way around.  This was so that they could be used on a table instead of perched on the mantel. 

There is a photograph of an identical pair on page 100, figure 48 of "A-Z Staffordshire Dogs, A Potted History, by Clive Mason Pope".